Tear ‘n’ Share Flat Breads With Halloumi Fries

Our Tear ‘n’ Share Flatbreads and Halloumi Fries are the ultimate feast of comfort, that everyone can help themselves to. Enjoy each mouthful, from the crunch of the halloumi fries to the cheesy string of melted mozzarella from your flatbreads.

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Serves: 6-8

Preparation time: allow 1 ½ hours

Cooking time: allow 20-30 minutes

  1. For the dough: Put the ingredients into the bread maker in the order listed and select the dough function. Once this has finished, remove and separate the dough into 4 equal amounts. Roll the sections of dough into balls, cover with cling film and leave to prove in a warm place for 30-45 minutes.
  2. Next pre-heat the oven to 190ºC.
  3. Roll out each dough ball and top with your favourite ingredients. Once decorated, cook these in the oven for 13-16 minutes until the dough starts to crisp and is golden brown.
  4. For the halloumi fries: Pre-heat a fryer to 150ºC.  Fry the pre-cut halloumi in batches until golden brown for approx. 5-8 minutes.  Season well and serve.

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